Saturday, 27 May 2017




You read it right (the title above I meanπŸ™ˆ). 
Now you can pay ONLY RM8.88 for a perfect Hainan Bread in SET 
(yes I didn't typed it wrong, IN SET😱 😍 😘 πŸ™Œ πŸ™† 😎 ) 
with the all new ALL-DAY HAINAN BREAD SET from Papparich

Like obviously, this is a perfect match to start your day with and now you can add more reasons to have a smile on your day (because you can save more with this SET!) . I have always been wondering on where to get a cheaper breakfast set that gives you a good vibe to start my day with. 

My breakfast at a cafe would normally cost me around RM10+ (since you know, there's no way we can runaway from the GST and lame reasons of - oh sorry, all the ingredients prices have went up, so we need to increase more the price on the menu). Well, for me. I personally don't mind to pay more IF AND ONLY IF the foods are satisfying me enough (and plus the customer service too - if you know why). 

So, I did came across to this one kopitiam last week with my husband during our weekend, in search of having a good breakfast (because pregnant lady is so ma-fan "leceh" sometimes). After wandering around and rubbing my tummy that morning and asking my baby what would be the best for that morning, I suddenly saw something that really made me stop and stood in front of the kopitiam with a smile on my face (because I suddenly feel like I want to have those on what I saw at that moment). 

Guess what did I saw?
Of course, things that comes in a cheaper price like what the old people said, 
'GOOD BARGAIN' - is that even the correct phrase?
Anyway, so yeah. 

(while holding my husband hand so he won't go anyway and 
have our breakfast here with a petty pleading face included. Haha)

Oh come on, it's a classic breakfast with a good price that comes in a SET! Who wouldn't want that rightπŸ˜‹ 😏 ? So, my pleading face succeed and we end up entered this most well known kopitiam in Malaysia since 2006. 

While I know that Malaysians can never separate with their traditional and must have Nasi Lemak and though I love Nasi Lemak too, but hey! Try to get a change to a classy meal too please. And this would be the best I must admit. 

Yes, me and my husband had the menu and we was surprised to see that they have improved their menus more than we could expect! But, of course the one that I must have that day was the Hainan Bread Set first. And with this new menu, you can choose yourself to either have the melt in the mouth bread of the 
Roti Steam with Butter + Kaya 


My No.1 all time favourite, the perfect Hainan Toast with Butter + Kaya 
😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
Who would say no to this right?

I would always go with a toast. But the toast here is a bit different I must say. The bread was toasted to a perfection with a perfect amount of my favourite kaya and butter. And why it's a bit different? Well, it's because they make their OWN KAYA! Oh my, I'm drooling again to see this picture. 

Okay, I did say that this RM8.88 comes in a set right? Yes. I'm not bluffing you. You can choose to complete your breakfast meal with either their most pick Coffee, Teh Tarik or even White Coffee (so you will not fall asleep after this heaven breakfast of yours ofc haha). 

And I choose you...

Hainan Toast of Butter + Kaya with Iced Teh Tarik😍
(you will need to add ONLY RM1.00 for the icy and foamy drink like mine ya 😎)

While I was enjoying my toast, my husband choose to have their legit Roti Steam with Butter + Kaya ofc (so that we could have a bite from each πŸ™ˆ πŸ˜‚ ). 

Roti Steam Butter + Kaya and Hot Coffee for my husband 😍

Not just that
I did said that we saw they have improved right? By that means, they now have more menus than before! And as we enjoyed our weekend that day, their new desserts just complete our date. 

Like seriously, 

I never thought they would have...


Not a just ordinary cake, 
The Classic New York Cheesecake from
Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake,
Singapore’s Best Asian Flavored Cheesecakes πŸ’•

and my husband had their most perfect combinations cheesecake ever, 

The Oreo Cheesecake 😘

Now that's how we end up our short date breakfast so-called get-away. Hahaha. With a happy tummy and a happy baby inside and a happy wallet of course!

So, what are you waiting for? 
Head over to the nearest Papparich now and save up more with this All New Hainan Bread Set of RM8.88!

Get their latest update and menu's by following them at :

Or browse your menu's first at here : 

Have a good day start with a good breakfast people! Xx

Sunday, 21 May 2017


On 9th May 2017, I'm now officially 23.

And baby is 23 weeks too!


So, I kinda like been craving (mengidam bak kata orang melayu) to eat fresh lobsters since few months which then when I asked my husband, 
'How much a lobster normally cost ya abang?' And he goes like,
'RM600+ sayang'
And I was like...
And he went on with, 
'That's the price when I had it at Japan back then. Here in Malaysia, I never had one. So, I didn't know about the price range here.'


After hearing that, I began to rub my baby bump and said, 'Please dear, Lobster is too mainstream. Please find a cheap one (with a sad face ofc).' I was trying to take my attention away from the lobsters but when I opened up the Facebook and Instagram, all I could see was tutorials on how those chefs prepared the lobsters which look so fine and tantalizing and I can't stop from drooling from it. 

'That is way too expensive baby', I began to talk to my baby every time I saw those lobsters online. Until suddenly my husband asked, 'I could try to find the nearest if you want'. And I was like, 'It's okay. I'm fine with not having the lobsters. Don't worry. So, he began his search for the lobster restaurant nearby, started with Bangi area (my parents house). 

' I have found one sayang! It's Heart and Soul Cafe.'
While I was smiling reading that another message from my husband came in, 
'They have moved lah sayang to KL'
And I was like (so sad actually while rubbing my baby bump again) and said,
'Its okay abang. We don't have to eat lobster. Just eat other things else'

Saddest part awaits us

So, back then at my previous work place. Those who are celebrating their birthday will get a day off on their birthday (cool right!) . So, I kinda like felt a lil bit lazy to come to work on my birthday the other day since I used to have a day off. Worst comes to worst was suddenly when my boss asked me to attend a talk ON MY BIRTHDAY AFTER LUNCH HOUR! And sadly I have to agreed on it. With a very sad face I must say. Really sad. Like seriously? What could go worse on your birthday to need attend a talk?

What have I done wrong in my previous life? - I asked 😒😒😒😒😒

And I told my husband that I need to attend a talk later that day. And he was like,
'okayyy. My plans are interrupted. I have planned so many things for you that day and now I have to cancel everything.' 
(I went on like, yeah. As if you really did plan something - 
because he is not that type into surprising people type). 

The Birthday Day!
Went on to work like usual with a runny nose and had a lunch with my boss at a restaurant nearby that my boss quite fond of (Ayam Penyet). While I was having the lunch with him with the sad mood to need attend a talk after the lunch, suddenly he went on,

'It's okay. You don't need to go for the talk. There's nothing much at there.'

And I was like, 

'Seriously? Really? Like really really?'

He went on with, 
'Yeah. You don't need to with a 😁 '


So, my boss said that he needs to go back home early that day as he need to settle few things. And I was like, okay boss. Safe drive like usual. 

When I was focusing on with the office Wi-Fi connection that have not been doing well that few days, and some of the lamps suddenly went off and I thought a blackout was about to happen or an electric short or some what. So, I ignored the lamps. When suddenly my boss came in with a cake with a bunch more people with him.


(Behind the scene of my boss - on the right)

I seriously didn't thought that he would do that. Awww. Thank you boss. 

My husband came to fetch me later on that evening and he drove me all the way from Cyberjaya headed to KL route which I didn't asked him where exactly on earth are we going. As far as I know and as I remember, he did told me that on my birthday we will be spend the day at our house in Semenyih (after my mother in law passed away up till now, we are living with his father at Balakong and only return to our home on Saturday evening and come back to Balakong the next day). 

It was raining heavily that evening and we can barely see the road from inside the car. We then went to the Mid Valley for the dinner. 

Dinner with Husband
As soon as we arrived the Mid Valley which was around 7.30 p.m. , we headed to Surau and performed our Maghrib prayer first and then the food hunting begun! 

'Where are we heading to?'
husband asked, 
'We are going for a dinner. Yeay!'
'Happy nampak? You are paying for tonight's dinner right?'
husband continued. 
And I remained silent with a straight face.

We headed to the West wing and out from the building when suddenly my husband asked, 

'what do you want to eat? Make your decision quick.' While standing at the front of a lobster restaurant that stole my attention. Husband looked at me and asked again, 'Is this okay? This lobster restaurant?' While looking at the menus I suddenly could feel that my saliva is going down to my throat. And my husband smiled sarcastically and I made my decision at last...

'Let's go here!' 
As my husband was starving because he only ate a cup of Maggi for his lunch that day. 



You can choose to have an outdoor or indoor to dine in.
Cheddar Bay Biscuits. 
Complimentary appetiser when you dine in here which is refillable! 

We was welcomed with their friendly staffs and choose our sit to dine in which is the indoor. 

After we had the menus on our hand and choose our dinner, we then have been told by the waiters that there will be a complimentary cookies appetiser while waiting for our foods to arrive.

That bread or they called as cookies, are more than you could ask for! It has the crunchy and soft cheese texture that cheese lovers like me would die for. (We kinda like full after we had the second basket of this. Hahaha)

The waiting time for our dinner to arrive surprisingly didn't took much time of ours! 
5★★★★★! Then, the time has come for us to dig in!!!!!

Caesar Salad which only RM 19.90 (which you can choose to have either Chicken Breast or Shrimp as your toppings)


My husband had the new menu from them,

Tilapia, Prawns and Grilled Squid for ONLY RM 69.90
(which comes in set with a Mushroom Soup and a free flow of selected drink choice of yours!)

And me?

Jeng Jeng Jeng...
Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Scallops πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’˜πŸ’‹

And of course me with the foods!

I had my dinner complete with one of my favourites fruit drinks, Fresh Watermelon Juice (which is 100% pure Watermelon) that only cost RM 11.50!

And last but not least, we need a sweet to end up our fresh seafood dine in that night with their new dessert,

Chochlate Lava Cookie, RM 14.90
The dessert was really worth to die for I must admit. Wait, not just the desserts but all the menus too! Everything are freshly made and worth the money for! The sweetness of the lobster that I had, the juicy fine grilled squid and the fresh Tilapia is the best that we ever had! 

What an affordable, cozy and a complete to celebrate your special day with your loved ones here! 

So, after that delightful dinner and a top notch dinner husband called the waiter for the bill. And yes, the worst came without me realising it when he suddenly said...

'Okay sayang, you pay for your menu. For the Lobster you had just now. When are you going to pay me back?'
With a shock and a full tummy I was like, 
'Like seriously abang?'
'Yes, because yours are the most expensive tonight' he laughed. 

'Put it on the next month claiming bill of mine to you.'

So, I had a flu that day and I had to pay for my own dinner with my husband on my birthday. What else could go wrong right? (sarcastically, if you know what I mean)

But, well. I don't actually mind it. Since both of us are working and I know how hard it is to earn the money these days and he knew me for not being to clingy or dependant on guy to much from the beginning, so we agreed on some things to equally share the burden that we have. It's your choice ladies, but this is how we do it in our marriage. Every month I do need to treat my husband for a dinner since you know, he has been working so hard for me and our future baby (if God's will). 

Take a look back at your husband face before you go to sleep or watch his sleeping face and try to put your shoes on his. How hard he have had his days, what he has gone through at his workplace and he need to entertain you when you reach home and spend his time, money and energy for you. Some husband might not going to show his tiredness, or his flaws. That is why, us as the wife need to try to put on our shoes at his and be more considerate towards him. 

I know I'm not the perfect wife that he always want or dreamed of, I know I have many flaws that no one would expect or known. But, my husband accept me dearly for who I am. And for that I thanked him everyday even though I barely say it. Thank you abang for everything. For these 5 months of us been together. Please bare with me for the rest of your life. 

*P/S : Luckily the price is not the same with the Japan one that you told me. And ouh abang, I will pay back your money once I have my pay check. Thank you. HAHA


Friday, 5 May 2017


Who doesn't want to get a discount right? So, today's post will lead you to a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for a healthier you specially made for you my readers

(yes YOU! - so, read this until the end and don't forget to follow-CLICK ON THE RIGHT SIDE-     
me okay?) πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
To start with today's entry, I'll tell you on my problem that I have been having since my college years or even on my teenage years. 


I have been having my lower back pain since quite some time and I thought that it was just a normal back pain that was due to my bad position of sleeping. I did an X-Ray once because I was admitted due to my critical migraine and because I once fainted during my college years. During that time, I did saw that my back bone was not looking pretty normal (it kinda about to form an 'S' shape). Without questioning to the doctor more, I thought it pretty much won't make a big deal. 


I thought that it was just a normal back pain but when I did some research and I found that it's actually a Scoliosis.

-I'm the right side end type-
Look closely below.

Click to enlarge/zoom picture.

Truth to be told, it is not easy to get the treatment done without using any medicine or drugs involved with this issue in Malaysia. Even so, you could always find an alternative of having yourself the back support of wearing that can be found online which I don't technically recommend you with (as we didn't know its effectiveness). 

After I get married, I do still have this back pain and it still exist until I'm positively pregnant. I did have the thought that due to my weight increases, my back pain does too. (Well, that's how people always said when it comes to pregnant women). 

Day by days, I almost wanted to give up and thought that it can heal by itself by correcting my body posture of walking and sleeping...not until I found the clinic that I have been searching for. 


I know, some of you might have the same respond as me when you heard the word Chiropractic for the first time right? What on earth is a Chiropractic? Well, Chiropractic is a 'hands on' spinal adjustment that able to cure your spinal related pain without using any medicine or drugs. And good news is, MY PRECISION CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE now expanding to Exercise Rehabilitation and Remedial Massage (should those who love to go to the Thai Massage places look-alike, I recommend you to try the Remedial Massage instead. Trust me, they know your bones more than those Thailand massagers). 

At My Precision Chiropractic, they (3) three verified and qualified doctors that you can choose from to undergo your treatment with. And as for a woman like me who prefer to be attend with a female doctor, I choose Dr. Michiko Liew.

Not only a verified and qualified member of Gonstead Chiropractic Society (Australia), this beautiful doctor is a qualified Athletic Trainer and a Yoga instructor too! Her chiropractic experiences with the patients involved from as early as a 2 months year old baby and the oldest is 80+ years old! Sounds convincing enough right?

After I have done with the registration (which has been help by the friendly staffs), I waited around 5-10 minutes with my husband before the doctor called me in. 

Yes! They have friendly female staffs!

Waiting area. 

We started first with a brief consultation on knowing more about my pain that I have been having. Since I'm pregnant, I did not come myself with a copy of an X-Ray scan for the chiropractor to identify the exact point/area that I have been having the pain with 
(*P/S : You need to bring yourself a copy of an X-Ray from any hospital, but preferably Sunway Medical Center for the doctor's references during the consultation). 

So, the doctor check on my spine and define the exact area/point that I have problem with (and while doing this, my doctor specifically told me on what she's doing right now and get to know the bone that I have problem with, which is the L5-the spine name medically). 

Telling her on how and where I normally have my pain.

Listening attentively on the spine structure.

Laughing because I was enduring the pain when she was trying to find the exact area/point.

Afterwards, she used a Nervo-Scope to identify whether the area/point that I have my problem with is having an inflammation and caused me discomforts or not (well, of course I have the inflammation at the end).

Dr. Michiko explaining about Nervo-Scope to me. 


Doing the Nervo-Scope test on me. 

No worries, you won't feel anything like the electric static or what-not while the doctor is doing this to you! After the nervo-scope test done, she asked me to change into the clinic attire and get prepared as the treatment will start soon (which this is not pictured in this entry because it was only me, the doctor and my husband).

After I got changed, the doctor asked me to lay down on the bed and get into the position for her to do the treatment (this was the part where I was nervous and freaked out as if that will be my last moment on earth as it involved my spine). 

That serious moment.

While she was explaining to me what she will do in a minute later, suddenly I heard a 'crack' sound so loud that I even shocked myself! Amazingly, by the time she did that, I pretty much don't feel any pain. I was just shocked to hear that sound. HAHA. The doctor then do the same movement/treatment for the second time and that's was it! The first treatment is done in just few minutes!

After sitting back on the provided chair, I do then realised that I felt a lil bit of pain. But, not that much. Only a slight pain. I would be lying if I say I don't feel any pain at all. HAHA. But, what shocked me most was that I don't feel the any pain at the exact spot and the stiffness that I had at first I came. Even I amazed on how and what she did to me. Like, just for a few minutes and my pain gone! Before I came here, I had the stiffness at the back of my left side of neck which she said due to the bone that was not in the right position at my spine which then lead to my migraine (I swear that I didn't lie to write this to tell you on how my left neck is doing perfectly fine and lighter now! No more stiffness and pain!). 

Happy + relieved face after the 'crack' sound, my pain is gone!

Thus, I highly recommend this place to those who have been having back pain (like me), slipdisc, migraine, and especially not to forget pregnant ladies like me!



  1. Flash this E-Voucher to the receptionist at the counter of Precision Chiropractic (click on the link for the location)
  2. Fill in the registration form
  3. Wait for your turn to be call in
  4. Get your treatment with your chiropractor
  5. Make a payment (they accept card too) - GET THE 10%DISC WHEN YOU PAY!

Now I cant wait to get my second treatment next weekend which I hope is the last! 
(finger cross babyπŸ˜„)

 Call+6011-11822300 for any enquiries or to book your appointment.
Don't worry about getting male or female chiropractor as they have both male and female chiropractic that you can choose from, like I mentioned in the beginning!

Operating Hours:
Mon: 8.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.
Tues: 8.00a.m. - 2.00p.m.
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